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Built with care, designed in Ashburn, VA

Swifly is the leading manufacturer of custom designed and printed supplies service that produces a large selection of biodegradable paper and plastic printed goods with 100% customized branding. We aim to give your brand a competitive edge through custom-printed marketing materials that help improve your impression on clients, customers, and prospects. From disposable paper cups, takeout bags, and wrapping paper to cup carriers, wet wipes, and customized napkins, our selection is one of the industry’s largest and most versatile.



At Swifly, our mission is to lead the way in sustainable and eco-friendly production. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to using only eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recycled materials in every product we offer. Our dedication to the environment extends beyond production, as we ensure our products have a net-zero impact from creation to disposal. With our partnerships with globally recognized non-profit organizations focused on environmental conservation and sustainability; Swifly not only reduces harmful materials but also donates a portion of our net sales to aid in removing current waste that damages our planet's oceans and ecosystems. Swifly is committed to reducing our clients' environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable future for everyone. We guarantee our dedication and commitment to achieving our mission. We guarantee that by choosing Swifly, our clients can reduce their environmental footprint and join us in creating a cleaner, healthier planet.